The next Healthopolis is called Basaksehir: 2020 in Istanbul

New hospitals? New hospitals. When I started in the hospital landscape in 2008, Switzerland had 318 hospitals. The last census for 2018 has been published by the Federal Statistical Office at 281. But even before that, the «scene» was shrinking steadily.   Graphics. Development of hospitals and beds from 1947 to 2011 (left) and number […]

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Chaos minus Lean Nudge = Order

I stopped nibbling on my gingerbread snack. At the Swiss Lean Healthcare Award 2019 another expert entered the stage of the nominees and presented a smart project. Amazingly simple, well thought-out, effective. Barbara Ligresti, expert for infection prevention, from the surgery care (130 employees) department of the University Hospital Basel beamed the first foil on […]

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The Swiss-Kenya Hospital of Hope

About Storytelling. When I developed a narrative strategy in the NPO area lately it was about Heroes and Hope. Like often, impressive inspirations give me a hint to look for related WOW hospitals. This time my search brought me «back to Switzerland». To Altstätten in the Rhein Valley. October 1999 – the local Stephan Holderegger […]

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The drone and the snowcat clinic

Remote and rural healthcare. Emergency healthcare. I was already writing about different solutions, services, innovations from hospitals all over the world. And now this. The Drone Ambulance by argodesign. Not only in Switzerland > Swiss Post, the EOC hospital group and Matternet, the delivery of medical supplies for instance between hospitals is already organized and […]

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50 WOW Blogs. Time for a recap. About hospitals who are shapers and builders.

What if in this era of disruption for hospitals, healthcare, digital health, patient-centric designs even theories like Nudge, Participatory Design, Design Thinking… the hospitals of my WOW Hospital Blog and others entered already the next level of evolution. The collaborative time of shapers and builders. The time to tackle the future with exchange, knowledge share […]

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