50 WOW Blogs. Time for a recap. About hospitals who are shapers and builders.

What if in this era of disruption for hospitals, healthcare, digital health, patient-centric designs even theories like Nudge, Participatory Design, Design Thinking… the hospitals of my WOW Hospital Blog and others entered already the next level of evolution. The collaborative time of shapers and builders. The time to tackle the future with exchange, knowledge share […]

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Airports, Hospitals, Medical Services and Digital Nomads

The Aerotropolis model of John D. Kasarda ignited my fantasies about the future centers of life and health right form the start. When an airport could grow to a new form of a city, maybe a hospital can as well? «Healthopolis» would be the counterpart of Aerotropolis? The contemporary strategies for mega hospitals like in […]

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The Feelgood Wood Health Centre in Canada

When a friend and communication expert joined the UK timber industry campaign «Wood for Good» my focus about building houses and skyscrapers made from wood i.e. solid wood ranged to Switzerland. And I found the first 10 storey, 36 meters high, 55 millions CHF, wooden skycraper in Switzerland – the «Surstoffi 22». I am really […]

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From the Talayotic Culture to the photovoltaic park on the hospital roof

The Island of Menorca, in the spanish autonomous region of the Balearic Islands with a coastline of 216 kilometers – from rocky beaches to sandy coves, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation. And a population of a bit more than 91,000 inhabitants. On a scouting trip for a digital nomad project my interest for hospitals popped up […]

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The very Green Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

While stumbling into the magnetizing Trash Hero organization during a cowork digital nomad time at KoHub in Koh Lanta I had the chance to think about «Green» again. And about the hospital world which I explore continuously with my blog. My research took me here first: Global Green Healthy Hospitals in Buenos Aires. A community […]

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The sexual health testing design clinic

Soho in central London, since 2014. The Dean Street Express clinic. Specialized, designed, completely different. Part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS. Welcome to a new world of the upcoming fast track hospitals. Design included. See the how it works 2 minutes video here. Remark: the design is inspired by the aesthetics and themes […]

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The danish forest hospital.

Hillerød, Denmark. After 12 months of intense design contest the Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron from Basel win in 2014 the project. A very special project. The doors of the New North Zealand Hospital/Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland will open in 2020. Remark: the project could also facilitate an expansion in 2050. 30 km north of […]

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