Turtles, UNESCO World Heritage and Healthcare

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Charles Darwin was there and the UNESCO World Heritage put it on the list. Tourism provides the main money on these 19 islands, 1000 kilometers from the south american continent. Known for its unique turtles, the Galápagos giant tortoise.

One of the richest marine ecosystems in the world with ongoing seismic and volcanic activity (UNESCO).

More people, endangered species, world heritage – the conflict led to total new developments. For instance the new airport. The Galapagos Ecological Airport on 6000 square meters with the green thinking philosophy. Outstanding – the first of its kind in the world. Solar energy supplies 13% of the total energy demand, goal is 25%.

Lets shift to San Cristóbal. Fifth largest and easternmost island of the Galapagos.
There are 7500 residents (26800 in total Galápagos) and there is a new hospital, opened in october 2014.

The Hospital Oskar Jandl
Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, capital of the province Galápagos
Press movie

IMG_03 hospital-visita_nota
Rumour has it that before opening tourists often had to buy the needed drugs by themselves in the pharmacy for being treated in the former hospital. There goes another challenge in hospital healthcare – digital rumours, mostly without any evidence.

The new hospital however represents a hallmark of excellence.
Services (in spanish): pediatría, neonatología, ginecología, endocrinología, dermatología, psicología, fisiatría, gestión de admisiones, entre otros.
Beds: 34
Employees: 138 (86 healthcare professionals)
Director: Dr. Omar Díaz
Emergency: Helicopters and one Air Ambulance
Investment: 3 mil USD for equipment (including CT Scanner), 18,1 mil USD for infrastructure
Special: Early learning for children
They also aim for an international accreditation, by ACI Canada

Oskar_Jandl correa_hospital_dos

(picture on Carlos Rodriguez/Andes the right: Ecuador President Rafael Correa)

More people, more needs, different thinking. Going through many innovation processes in healthcare myself I consider these outstanding hospital refurbishment projects around the globe as an indicator that the way we develop the future has changed. There is not only a new consciousness within the generations Y and Z, but also by the people who are responsible for tomorrow, especially in healthcare – where by now disruptive innovation, the nudge theory by Thaler/Sunstein, design thinking, participatory design and more is part of the concept.

All the best to the Hospital Oskar Jandl
Maurice Codourey


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