Sports Medicine Pioneers – made in Switzerland

Muttenz, Switzerland, 1981. Three doctors create a pioneer moment in Switzerland: they start the later called Rennbahnklinik (race track clinic). About Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. The only one of its kind.

Growth hack
1984: up to 10 beds
1989: expanded Physiotherapy and an added training center
1996: Approval as Swiss Olympic Medical Center (14 in total Switzerland today)
1999: Expanded department of Biomechanics (today the focal point)
2003: Stock company
2007: The last of the three founders retires
2009: The position of a clinic director is implemented
2014: Move to a bigger building with a lot of space round, still in Muttenz – within the futuristic living and working area “Polyfeld

Employees: 140
Beds: 25
Investment for the new clinic: 35 mil Swiss Francs

Within the impressive portfolio of partners there is the Institute of Biomechanics of the ETH Zurich. Combined with a list of publications done the Rennbahnklinik proves still to be Number One.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-07-31 um 08.27.31

The check-in looks like a hotel, the professional service conveys a true welcome feeling. Hospital healthcare is a wide area of services and specialities. There are focal points almost not imaginable. I consider healthcare as one of the main future developments worldwide, it simply affects everyone on the planet.

The Rennbahnklinik is a unique specialist in hospital healthcare and reflects the quality of “made in Switzerland”. Well done, congrats.

Maurice Codourey


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