The hospital in case you are being bitten by a Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon. The worlds largest lizard has some impressive facts: 3 meters, more than 70kg and nearly 60 teeth. His saliva can contain anywhere from 50 to 80 different bacteria. When being bitten – bacterial infection and death are guaranteed.   You can eventually meet that unique reptile in five places within the little Sunda Islands, Indonesia: Komodo, […]

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Colour schemes, paintings, Tokyo

The Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo.   While the logo seems to be like a piece of art, the outside looks traditional. But brace for impact with your understanding, opinion or perception of the interior architecture and design of a hospital. There has been a lot of development with the keywords healing architecture, patient-centric design, design […]

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Hospital 2030, northernmost Europe, Ice Breaker Kontio

The northernmost big city in Europe, the nothernmost university hospital in Finland. The Oulu University Hospital. Oulo opened 1605, has a population of about 196’000 today, considered as one of Europe’s “living labs” – residents experiment with new technology and is the home of the Air Guitar World Championships since 1996. During winter the sea trade works […]

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Treehouse hospital – when the power of ideas become a change agent

Worldwide. When scouting for my next issue about unlikely hospital situations I stopped at the keyword treehouse. Treehouse? Childhood memories, a safe haven to concentrate on (very) personal matters. After spending a lot of time during this research I got deeper and deeper into an architectural area of visions, concepts, treehouses already in action. But […]

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The war, the cave, the hospital

Budapest, Hungary. Now a museum, but earlier one of the few original hospitals in a cave. The Sziklakorhaz, the Hospital in the Rock, the Felsenkrankenhaus. 1944, 1945 and 1956.   Pics: Main entrance and operating theatre 1944. More photos here. By now we learned from the stories of codoureyrocks that healthcare can be provided almost everywhere. […]

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