5350 metres above sea level, high altitude health, cool as ice clinic

The Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic (Everst ER). Located at the highest altitude worldwide. See the five BBC episodes here.
nepal_2004_007 copy_of_953d5bf0

2003. The Himalayan Rescue Association-USA (US based nonprofit charity org) and Himalayan Rescue Association (a non-profit Nepali NGO) establish the non-profit Everest ER. Founder Dr. Luanne Freer and her team did an incredible job at an altitude of almost 5400 metres – “The Mountain Medicine course was one of the most amazing experiences of my life”.

For 2015 they expect bigger and better stock operation.
Staff in Spring 2015:
Treatments: mountain sickness, HAPE/HACE high altitude pulmonary edema, altitude cough, cold injuries, eyes at altitude, carbon monoxide, diarrhea, hydration, immunization.

A specialist in this very unique area of health in action and research comes from Telluride, Colorado – The Institute for Altitude Medicine. Going into all these details I can confirm my previous statement at codoureyrocks – healthcare is unstoppable. And that applies for the engagement, pioneer power and the fascinating spirit of many healthcare professionals around the world.

And of course my thanks from Switzerland go to this teams at the Everest ER since 2003, helping and supporting climbers at high altitude. Wow.

And you can support them too:

– Volunteer
– Book a Speaker

As a mountain man myself I am deeply impressed by you, the Everest Base Camp Medical Clinic.

Maurice Codourey


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