Underwater laboratory, unique research, medical issues

Conch reef, Florida.
Since 1992 the Aquarius Underwater Laboraty provides as the last and only one underwater habitat a unique chance to learn more about our oceans. In order to continue this highly valuable scientific researches and much more the Aquarius Reef Base Foundation provides support.
Surveying-the-FIUs-Aquarius-Reefbase-in-the-Florida-Keys-National-Marine-Sanctuary-640x344 Mark-and-Adam3_s_M31_photo-credit_Kip_EvansNEWS

Since October 2014 the Florida International University took the ownership.

And what about the medical issues? The manual/profile there are two hints:
– Medical supplies at Aquarius
– Medical issues to be reported immediately to the Watch Desk – where a crew is monitoring 24/7, located in Islamorada FL (15,4 km away from Aquarius).
“There is an eagle eye” on the safety. A stunning security system.

The Aquarius profile (see also factsheet 2014 from FIU)
– about 9 km offshore, hatch depth 14 m
– 82-ton cylindrical steel chamber, 43 feet (13 m) long and 9 feet (2,75 m) in diameter
– 120 ton baseplate anchored to the seabed
– Kitchen, work area and bunkroom for 6 (400 square feet – 37 m2)
– Air, real-time communication (internet, video, cell-phone), power through the swimming life support buoy
– work 24 hours, up to two weeks – 119 Aquarius projects till 2013
– world’s longest running and most detailed coral reef monitoring program
– backup high pressure air, oxygen, CO2 removal
– fast response and workboats, small boats for daily operations

In 2014 Fabien Cousteau spent 31 days there. Called Mission 31. Have a look at the fascinating video gallery. And more news in Twitter @ReefBase.

Comming back to my “quest” for places with extreme healthcare situations around the globe. Underwater healthcare is still an uncharted area when it comes to a service within an underwater habitat – bigger as the famous Aquarius and in a maybe not so distant future.

What a great job you’re doing there at the Aquarius project.

Maurice Codourey

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