Hospital 2030, northernmost Europe, Ice Breaker Kontio

The northernmost big city in Europe, the nothernmost university hospital in Finland. The Oulu University Hospital.

Oulo opened 1605, has a population of about 196’000 today, considered as one of Europe’s “living labs” – residents experiment with new technology and is the home of the Air Guitar World Championships since 1996. During winter the sea trade works only thanks to 30’000 horse power ice breakers like the Kontio.

And there is the Hospital. They have a remarkable collaboration in of the Arctic Health projects with the Centre for Arctic Health located at the University of Aarhus, led by Professor Eva Cecilie Bonefeld-Jørgensen; “Arctic Health & Well Being program”.

Staff: 6600
Beds: 985
Budget: 555 mil Euros
Patients treated: 122’000 a year
Treatment days: 260’000 a year
Outpatient visits: 470’000 a year

But from a northern boomtown you would expect more. And there is more. The Future Hospital OYS 2030 programme.
Construction begins:
2016 Investment: 500 mil Euros
Productivity increase: 10 to 15%

Read the avalanche of facts by Hannu Leskinen, Director of Hospital about challenges and goals of the project (presentation, 37 slides)

oys-tulevaisuudensairaala  7

And the Oulo Airport: international access through Stockholm – Oulo, twice a day as an example.

Project 2030
An international hotspot for smart health – a global forerunner.
> Generate 700 new jobs
> To lead the change towards future of connected health Arctic health.

This vision works like a magnetic effect to me. An area of the world where the quality of air and water could play a very important role in the future. And the healthcare there too.
It will be fascinating to monitor this 2030 hospital project now and then. In an expected unexpected northern big city. Keep up the good ideas and motivation in Oulo – you started a dazzling project.

Maurice Codourey

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