Colour schemes, paintings, Tokyo

The Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo.
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While the logo seems to be like a piece of art, the outside looks traditional. But brace for impact with your understanding, opinion or perception of the interior architecture and design of a hospital. There has been a lot of development with the keywords healing architecture, patient-centric design, design thinking and nowadays even disruptive technologies and innovation. Emotional design in fact. The Edogawa team seems to explore exactly that.

The Edogawa Hospital is a pioneer. For instance the Elephant MRI or the various ceiling art.
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See more photos here by Brian Ashcraft like the floor plan looking like a treasure map.

To get really into the design porttfolio, check this 6 minutes video by Rashid Samad Khan. And if you wonder about the soundtrack of the “Hospital Song“: have a check on the performance of Belfast singer and most dangerous harpist in the word, Ursula Burns.

I grew up in the perception that a hospital is some white building with white rooms, there is a certain smell on the corridors, the cafeteria is dull and serves old bread. And the people at the welcome desk have  defined opening hours.

I saw quite a few developments within children hospitals/wards, like the Evelina London Children’s Healthcare.
Or futuristic concepts like the danish Odense University Hospital by Henning Larsen Architects.

Comming back to the Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo. Isn’t there the need to explore new interior and exterior designs for hospitals? The hospital could be a place to laugh, wonder, discover. Patients being inspired, stunned, irritated, feeling totally comfortable and much more emotions. There is a need for braking the rules like in the Edogawa Hospital. Sometimes it takes courage, another mentality and the worldwide unique engagement for healthcare – to do something which creates an impact, which provides healthcare with a different touch.

Thank you for your wonderful art work and the funny paintings of celebrities.

Maurice Codourey

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