Blindness prevention and treatment, the take off hospital, FedEx

The 1970s. Leaders of the medical and aviation industries founded the NGO Orbis. Task: To prevent and treat avoidable and curable blindness. In an airplane. What started with a DC-8 just turnes into the Next Generation Flying Eye Hospital by Orbis. See the 2 minutes movie.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-08-25 um 10.37.14 Clickable DC-10 plane version here.

The 2015 plane is a MD-10. Donated by Orbis International’s first global sponsor FedEx.

Orbis International Impact
92 countries served since 1982;
– today: Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Latin America and Carribean, Nepal, South Africa and Vietnam
2013 – 22’000 medical professionals traines – doctors, nurses, biomedical engineers and more.
2013 – 5.7 million adult and child medical and optical treatments provided.

Next Generation MD-10 Flying Eye Hospital
The 1 minute take off video
image.axd newsarticle-245194-scaled-560x0
Range: 6000 miles, 9656 km
2 pilots
Plane: totally modified freighter into a hospital
Modular configuration: into the airframe built exchangable modules (easy maintenance)
Stunning pioneer approach with 9 modules – 4 minute video about this revolutionary concept by SIE Structural Integrity Engineering
Including classroom (48 seats DC-10), theatre, air conditioning, water system, lavatory, changing rooms…
Lowered expenses for crew training and spare parts

Touching video statement by London-based Dr. Maria Papadapoulos – Orbis volunteer.
More in Twitter – @OrbisIntl
More in Facebook

What an incredible achievement. For healthcare, for aviation, for hospitals that refuse to accept frontiers. Again I had to push my chin up in order to close my mouth. I am still looking for words, Orbis International. Your engagement is unique – all of your sponsors to be embedded in this.

Maurice Codourey

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