Underground No. 1, 2000 beds, Haifa

June 2012, Haifa. The world largest fortified underground hospital opens in a city. At Rambam Medical Center now called The Rambam Health Care Campus.

Above the ground
Academic Hospital, 1000 beds, serving 2 mil residents of northern Israel. According to the Director’s Message Professor Rafi Beyar the exciting future of medicine, technology and humanity already starts today (stunning 5 minutes presentation video).
discover_01 Biyar300

Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital
4 minutes video about the contruction back in 2012.
3 minutes video about the drill of the underground hospital.

In normal times: its a 1500 vehicle parking facility in the Bat Galim neighborhood.
Abnormal times: a 3 level, 2000 bed, emergency hospital, staff in the thousands, different wards, including neurology, surgery.
Conversion: 48 hours.
Base: 7000 cubic meters of concrete, in total 80’000 cubic meters.
Sides and top: several meters of conrete, impervious to the shock of rocket attacks.
Framework 7500 tons of steel.
Cut off from the outside world is about 72 hours, own independent electric and water supply (the garage can also become a sealed bomb shelter against biological and chemical attacks).
Investment: about 420 mil NIS New Israeli Shekel.
34c733ddc58fc Rambam--Conversion-635x357
Its a true underground fortress of healing. Its a stunning project made real about healthcare in emergency situations. There are a lot of discussions about cutbacks on construction in order to save money in the healthcare area. And there are amazing hospitals like the the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital which show that every Shekel or Dollar is worth being invested.

IMG_5691 rambam-hospital-emergency-drill-

Healtcare in piece times, healthcare in war times. It affects everyone. At Rambam Health Care Campus there is a universe of innovation, research and daily high quality healthcare. And there is the proof that hospitals have an almost limitless power of being able to adapt themselves to different situations. I am mightily impressed.

A wow from Switzerland.
Maurice Codourey

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