Charlotte, 2 Trailers, Parking Lot Hospital

The first of its kind: The US mobile hospital Carolinas MED-1.
katrina-gallery-Trucks-on-the-road katrina-gallery-MED-1-aerial
When 2 Trailers convert into a parking lot hospital. Simply breathtaking.

Carolinas HealthCare System
One of the leading and most innovative healthcare organizations in the US with 900+ care locations. Originally founded by a community hospital in 1940 the system shows today an impressive power of more than 60’000 employees, over 7’460 beds and an annual budget exceeding 7.7 bil USD.
Motivating force: Fulfilling the duty to meet community needs.
View annual reports.
View 2014 community benefit report showing an investment of 1,63 bil USD in community benefit initiatives.

Carolinas MED-1
Owned by Carolinas HealthCare System, based in Charlotte, NC.
Mission: Provide comprehensive patient care at the site of a disaster or other mass casualty incident.
6 minutes video here.

First test under fire as hospital on wheels: 2005, hurricane katrina. The Carolinas MED-1 arrived 6 days after the hurricane destroyed much of Bay St. Louis at a shopping center parking lot. 6 weeks, 7’500 patient contacts.

Two 53-foot (16,15 meters) tractor trailers.
Activation time after arrival: 45 minutes.
Completely self-sustaining: First 72 hours.
Patient care component: 1’000 square-foot (305 m2).
Trailer-surrounding tent: 120 x 25 feet (36.6 x 7.6 meters), air conditioning.
13 beds emergency department.
4 intensive care-level beds.
2 beds surgery room.
1 eye-ear-nose-dental chair.
Total beds: 200+ (including inpatients).
And: digital x-ray, labaratory, pharmacie and more.
Staff: Up to 100.
First born baby at MED-1: Mission 2008 – flooding Columbus, Indiana.
So fare more than 12’000 patient contacts.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-12 um 11.12.42 Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-12 um 11.30.58

Floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados, emergency care of any kind – if you are calling Carolinas MED-1 you are calling an awesome power of mobile hospital healthcare. Or you book that unique healthcare facility as a back-up for your public event as it is scalable to the mission.
katrina-gallery-trauma-alert katrina-gallery-surgery-1

Could you be a sharp, motivated team member? Recruiting is open.

I have nothing to add. Thank you Carolinas HealthCare System and Carolinas MED-1.

Maurice Codourey


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