Wasp Bites, hospital in Western Nepal

In my lectures, experiments and researches I go for theories like Nudge, constructivistic Didactics, Design Thinking, viral Marketing, Participatory Design. So the unlogical logic combined with Rapid Prototyping techniques is an important element in the constant development. Scale fast for the later Deep Dive.

Some of this I use to scan the world about hospitals with an unusual detail. That doesn’t exclude all the other hospitals of being looked at with great respect and admiration about their engagement for humans everywhere.

During my scan I found these two scientific papers. About wasp bites in Nepal. Wasp bite is an important occupational hazard in Nepal. Almost 25% of the victims die (Sigdel and Rout 2013). The hospital study showed 72% farmers in working age (39.6 years), rural Nepal.

The second paper shifted my focus to a tertiary hospital in western Nepal (Paudel and Paudel 2009). Study details like “two patients stuck by more than 75 stings” and “time to reach the hospital from the bite time was 69.1 +/- 149.7 hours” attracted my attention.

The hospital in this study: Manipal Teaching Hospital of the Manipal College of Medical Sciences at Pokhara. A specialized wasp hospital?
Entrance-Manipal-Teaching-Hospital Pokhara

My unlogical logic system showed me these facts:
– Campus on 10 hectares of land, 7 storey building
– traditional Nepali style of architecture
– After a historic agreement to build a medical college in 1992, the hospital commenced in 1998
– 750 beds (5 beds room, 2 beds private and 1 bed special)
– 7 operation theatres, ER with 25 beds
– Patients daily: 450 outpatients with 70-80 patients admitted 
– Staff; 120 physicians, 100 nurses, 200 related medical and non-medical personnel
– 150 admissions per year – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
– Coffee Shop ground floor lobby, Cafeteria in the basement
– Own ambulance facility, Helipad
– Motorbike parking area
– Speciality: rare and critical conditions
– Part of a worldwide network
More facts here

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-12 um 12.44.46 Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-12 um 13.02.27

And when it comes to social responsability and community engagement, there is a lot of that in this hospital like the St Paul Mobile Clinic. And there is a telemedicine programm.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-12 um 13.10.21

Again, the hospital world surprised me. In a sub-himalayan valley in Nepal. And it is a teaching hospital – a place where the future of healthcare will be born every day. Thanks to you all there.

Maurice Codourey

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