Turning blades and 241 km radius, the airborne emergency unit

Please welcome Mayo One.
The Helicopter clinic or more precise the emergency medical helicopter service by the Mayo Clinic Minnesota.
EC145-Mayo-One-420 Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-18 um 21.15.16
Flying picture by Amy Spencer Photography
6-minutes video about Safety Mayo One

Helicopter: EC145 Eurocopter by Airbus (Swiss REGA air rescue using the same model)
1 or 2 pilots, up to 9 passengers
Speed is 133 knots – 153 miles per hour – 246 km per hour
Twin-Engine, safe ground operations, even during “hot” loading/unloading with blades turning.

The Mayo One (a medivac fleet of 4 helicopters) since July 2012
– High-level critical care and rapid transportation
– In flight within minutes of dispatch- 1000 flights a year
– 241 km radius from 3 different bases like Rochester Minnesota
– Transports include: trauma, cardiac, pediatric, neonatal, intra-aortic balloon pump, obstetric, other medical conditions
Equipment highlights of the mobile emergency room (ER):
– Monitor a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and carbon dioxide and oxygen levels
– External defibrillators, external pacemakers and other advanced-level equipment
– Portable lab analyzer that measures the patient’s arterial or venous blood gases and other lab values
– Blood (three units) and thawed plasma (three units) are carried on every flight
– Tranexamic acid (TXA)

May One Staff
– At least two medical professionals; two critical care flight nurses or a critical care flight nurse and a critical care flight paramedic
– A Mayo Clinic emergency medicine specialist and a trauma surgeon oversee Mayo One
– Specially trained professional dispatchers decide when to send a helicopter to a trauma accident based on medical director-approved protocols

Healthcare or emergency care provided by a helicopter is not new. But the Mayo One is an impressive example when a hospital is offering more than ambulance trucks. And its a unique example of healthcare marketing too as the helicopter is carefully branded – even underneath to be seen easily from the ground (I had the chance once to listen to a inspring presentation of Amy Davis, now Division Chair, Communications, Mayo Clinic about the Brand Management strategy).

Within the worldwide helicopter medical transport services and their incredible daily work, I dare to pick a second one. The Mercy Air Network.

For instance their engagement by medication air cargo. With a helicopter based in South Africa. Reaching the remote Village of Catuane in Mozambique. The small clinic there relies on the support from a helicopter – Dr. Antonio Marcos knows about the impassable muddy slope after rainfall.
Antonio_Marcos_1 Antonio_Marcos_2

The helicopter is a necessary, fast and powerful add-on of hospitals. The Mayo One, the Mercy Air… there are numerous professionals, heros and healthcare pioneers working with helicopters. More than well done. Thank you all, everyone who is involved deserves a handshake.

Maurice Codourey


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