The hospital for the eucalypt leaf club

Port Macquarie in Australia. More than 40’000 people enjoy a life at the beach there in New South Wales. 390km north of Sydney.

1000 meters from Flynn’s Beach you’ll encounter something different. The only one hospital for eucalypt leaf eaters: The Koala Hospital. The local shop keepers Jean and Max Starr setup the Koala Preservation Society in 1973 which lays the fundament for the later Koala Hospital. The only one in the world. Another hospital story of total commitment.
> 1 minute video about the orphan Koala Jimmy

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«The Koala Hospital is recognised world-wide as a peak body which participates in forums for debate on significant policy issues and plays a significant leadership role in research, providing advice and information to Universities and Governments regulating change.»

Some facts:
– Some paid staff like the Clinical Director, Administration Manager, Supervisors and Leaf Collectors
– About 200 volunteers
– 11 volunteers form the KPS Management Committee
– 1 treatment room
…large window for easy viewing of koalas being treated | Computer monitor with continual slideshow | Visitors can see neonatal care in the humidicrib
– 8 intensive care units
– 6 outdoor intensive care units
– 33 rehabilitation yards
…Layout easy to walk around | Yards can house up to 100 koalas | Public can observe recovery, care and feeding of koalas
– Treatments for sick and injured Koalas; bacterial disease called Chlamydiosis, motor vehicle accidents, dog attacks
– Between 200 and 250 Koalas annually
– Research with University Sydney, University Technology Queensland and the Australian Museum into koala diseases

DSCF0149 Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-16 um 00.12.29

And there is more to discover there:

Training facility for schools/groups
Guided Walk and Talk tours
Coach Tours welcome
Displays showing habitat, bushfires, medical issues that affect koalas
Chronicles patients in care

But the creativity to rise the awareness and get some fundraising for the Koalas is simply smashing.

The Walk & Talk for free and the chance to give a donation about $2.00 per head. The adopt a wild Koala program – package or e-adopt certificate. The «Plant A Koala Food Tree» donation. A bequest/legacy in different types. A donation for the Conservation Foundation – they bought a 230 acre property for conservation and plantation to harvest leaf for our hospitalised koalas, 10 km away from the hospital. Or become a member, helping as a local or international volunteer. Or join the work experience program.


AND… the unique «Where’s Barry?» photo travel story! A must see. Like here in Kerala, India.

What can I say? What do you have to say? There is another true hospital spirit. A work like no other. Koalas are very special patients. They deserve to be supported and I would like to send my thanks, my respect and my best wishes to all of the people being involved at the Koala Hospital. Keep on.

Maurice Codourey

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