Splashing water, the clinic in one pocket

Miyako-jima Island, Southern Japan.
Excellent beaches, with long fingers of land pointing out into the sea. Lying just offshore are four smaller islands, three of which are connected to the main island by bridges.
Some 200 miles due east of the northern tip of Taiwan.
There is only one City: Miyako – 52’000 people on the whole island.


Dont worry, this not going to be a touristic recommendation and the change of content of my blog. Its about another unusual clinic. And its one and only physician.

Dr. Keigo Yasukawa («the island hopping doc»)
He runs the Dr. GON clinic in Miyako.
House calls by Jet Ski.
Equipment: 1 waterproof backpack containing pocket-sized medical gadgets like the GE Vscan portable ultrasound (weighs less than one pound).
2 minutes video with undertitles about «Kumiko’s first ultrasound» (by GE).


Yasukawa carrys a hospital in his backpack. The Miyako-jima born physician is riding the Jet Ski to the island around Miyako providing not only medical services to elderly people. New technology, less space. After docking his Jet Ski he makes his way through the islands. Knocking on people’s doors checking if they need a health service.

ages inawa-pref

There are about 100 islands in his Okinawa prefecture (details by gereports.com). Like the Okamijima island with a population of 50. Sometimes he is doing 20 house calls a day on a visit. Yasukawa is a familiar face there, became a local celebrity but patients dont take that island hopping service for granted. «He’s the best» people say about him. His services were an immediate success.

Healthcare and Innovation. And commitment. And devotion. And love. An eternal relationship. Isn’t it like this – that you often hear «go your way» but something is holding you back? Take Yasukawa. He went on his own way of healthcare – experiencing total freedom and power while riding his Jet Ski to the next island.

My respect, my compliments. Couldn’t be more impressed.

Maurice Codourey


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