One of the lowest point on dry land clinics

Minus 423 meters. 423 meters below sea level. The worldwide lowest point on dry land; the surface and shores of the Dead Sea between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank – about 67 km long, 18 km width. It’s the deepest hypersaline lake in the world too – 377 meters. A hypersaline lake shows a significant concentration of sodium chloride or other mineral salts. With 33.7 % salinity, the Dead Sea is in the top 5 of the high salinity lakes (8.6 times saltier than the ocean).
In Hebrew «Yam Hamelach» means «The Sea of Salt».


I never forget the moment when I went into the Dead Sea at the «Ein Gedi Beach» without flip flops. After the beach part my feet realised a different ground – tough crystallized salty formations slowed me down entering the Dead Sea. That hurt. But I wanted to have this easy floating feeling (body is ten times lighter here) due to the natural buoyancy of the water. And it worked. Floating on my back I observed the people of the «black mud department». The natural black Dead Sea mud – to me almost a healthy wonder – provides «a feeling of relaxation in the skin and the whole body, releases tensions and assists in the cleansing and nurturing of the skin and hair». Click for more pictures and facts.

Back to healthcare. The Dead Sea Clinic at Ein Bokek. It started 1996 and was «built on the principle of classic Kurortology». One of many at the Dead Sea.
clinic1 clinic2

A definition by Evgenyia Hristakieva, Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology, University Hospital, published at the Trakia University in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria:
«Health Resort Medicine», «Climatotherapy», «Spa Therapy», «Kurortology» or as it is called in different countries, is nothing else but a therapeutic complex with sea-and mineral waters and its technical applications as principal factors, but also that in which natural and artificial environment factors, the ordination of daily activities, the nourishing regimen climate, and psychosocial influences etc., actively intervene Climatotherapy modalities employed at the Dead and Black sea area include heliotherapy (sun exposure), thalassotherapy (bathing in the Sea water), balneotherapy (immersion in baths and pools of thermomineral water), pelotherapy (heated Sea mud puck).

This type of treatment utilizing the atmosphere, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and light. Nowadays Climatotherapy as a therapeutic procedure have been incorporated completely into the scientific evolution of our times.

The Dead Sea Clinic. More than 1500 patients from outside Israel every year. Over 100 medical and restoration treatments.
treat1 treat2
(right picture: dermalife capsule)
Unfortunately the facts about the Dead Sea Clinic are only a few and Trip Advisor is delivering some mixed feedback. But my blog’s task is like always to put a special hospital in a special surrounding or format into the center of your eyes.
The area of the Dead Sea is not only very helpful for patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases/disorders but for many other issues as well like respiratory system and anti-stress.
Desert air: extremely dry, virtually pollution-free and enriched in minerals
Treatments: between two and five weeks
Unfortunately I couldn’t organize data about staff and rooms.
You’ll find some news in their Facebook site.
sea bok

Medical treatments at the Dead Sea.
About 50 % of the 2,5 million tourists visiting Israel every year book a trip to the «eight wonder of the world». In 2010 some 30’000 people booked a medical treatment at the Dead Sea but that figure was already doubled in a few years only. Could be doubled by now again.
Bildschirmfoto 2016-07-04 um 13.30.11

A unique place. Unique treatments. A growing healthcare market for Israel. Like the new service by the Dead Sea Clinic – snoring treatment.

Healthcare connected to nature, as an interface to geological and other resources. For sure the Dead Sea advantages are a place of hope for some patients. Impressive.

Yom Tov, Good Day, Maurice Codourey




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