Orlando. The Woman-Centric Hospital.

The human-centered design became the ISO 13407 standard (human-centered design processes for interactive systems) in 1999 and has been revised into ISO 9241-210 in 2010:
Abstract: Provides requirements and recommendations for human-centred design principles and activities throughout the life cycle of computer-based interactive systems. It is intended to be used by those managing design processes, and is concerned with ways in which both hardware and software components of interactive systems can enhance human–system interaction.

The centric approach opened a whole new world of understanding interaction. Not only in architecture and many other areas as well but healthcare more and more. And this wave inspired significant developments; the Stanford d.school, the User Experience Professionals Association UXPA, the LUMA Institute or the legendary companies like Frog Design or IDEO.

Orlando, January 2016. The opening of the $180-million Florida Hospital for Women on the Florida Hospital Orlando campus marks another milestone in the human-centered approach – the unique woman-centric hospital, providing a gender-based care model.
Preliminary remark: The innovation in this hospital is countless – I could cover only a «minute» of that power.

4 minutes explainer video here
– 12-story building
– 332 beds
…72 Post-partum beds, including a dedicated high-risk unit, 84-Bed Neonatal
Intensive Care Unit (NICU), 72 Post-surgery beds for gynecology & oncology
– 100+ Beds for future growth
– 14 Labor and delivery suites
– 13 Operating rooms with robotic capabilities
– 200 employees
– Lots of specific facilities like customized maternity care at the Baby Place (I had tears in
my eyes thinking about my kids would have been born there), family- and
breastfeeding-friendly rooms created for maximizing bonding with their new babies,
families will have the option of live video streaming in a family room…
– Lots of specific treatments like gynecology, women’s cancer, menopause management
and incontinence treatment…
– First year expectation: 20’000 women patients
> More impressive details in the article «A new era in women’s health care…» of
   FloridaMD, January 2016

Kari Vargas, Vice President of Florida Hospital Orlando (Florida Hospital – 25 hospital campuses, operated by Adventist Health System) about the design phase: «The number one request was for a highly controllable room environment». According to that maxim, patients program lighting, temperature and sound to personal preference and Android TVs allow use of personal devices and apps. For a spa-like feeling the medical equipment can be concealed behind headwalls and by this reducing anxieties.
womens-florida-hospital-room headwallroom

That state-of-the-art hospital has engaged drivers like Lori Boardman, MD, Chief Medical Officer, since 2014; outpatient and inpatient settings, to increase physician awareness of emerging women’s health perspectives and identifying opportunities to improve medical treatment by incorporating evidence-based therapies specific to women. And more – physicians and nurses worked collaboratively to create the Multi-Profession Obstetric Simulation Program (MOST).
orlando1 Orlando2.png
Marla Silliman, Senior Executive Officer of Florida Hospital for Women and Florida Hospital for Children: «Florida Hospital has been caring for women for more than 100 years*, and today cares for more women in Central Florida than any other health care provider»… «Specially trained staff including women’s health navigators, birth coordinators, and a dedicated women’s chaplain will serve Florida Hospital for Women’s unique population».
* Founded in 1908 by «one of the country’s first female physicians» in this once rural community
> 1 minute legacy commercial explainer by the Florida Hospital for Women


Teresa Campbell, associate principal with HKS, Inc (Architects): «Water, which is a central theme incorporated throughout the building, is symbolic of purity, fertility, healing and adaptability».
> Article by Health Facilities Management about the won interior design award for VOA Associates (now Stantec).

February 2017. Expansion already going on. Article by Orlando Business Journal: new neonatal intensive care unit and surgical suite, both slated to open this spring 2017.

Gasp. What an achievement. Again I had «Wow’s» every second going through the details of this hospital development. Within the big (hashtag) movement #womenintech or now even #womeninbots for the ongoing development about automated communication by chatbots, there should be an update like #womeninhospitals or #womenincentricdesign.

All the best from Zurich to Orlando from a man, all of you can be so proud about this lighthouse in health care.

Maurice Codourey

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