The danish forest hospital.

Hillerød, Denmark. After 12 months of intense design contest the Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron from Basel win in 2014 the project. A very special project. The doors of the New North Zealand Hospital/Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland will open in 2020.
Remark: the project could also facilitate an expansion in 2050.
Map Hillerod DK30 km north of Copenhagen, some 32’000 people. The bird’s-eye view shows the surrounding nature and the unique building shaped like a four-leaf clover.
New-North-Zealand-Hospital-by-Herzog-and-de-Meuron north zealand hospital
Architecture and forest is an old and new story. To live or get well in a forest, surrounded by nature, green and a good feeling always attracted humans. Like the Liuzhou Forest City in China to open 2018, Stefano Boeri Architetti Italy.

north zealand hospital2.png
The large size of 112’500 m2 disappears a bit with the four floors only concept.
> 570 single patient rooms
> 4’000 employees
> 20 clinical functions (24 medical departments), providing 500’000 ambulant treatments per year
> Draw area of 310’000 citizens
> Budget 630 million USD
> Extra: new railway station
Goal: higher quality, coherence, equality, safety, and a faster diagnosis and treatment for all patients.
The hospital is one of four new hospitals within the National Reform Plan for the next 10 years in Denmark; 7.4 billion USD for 16 projects. Huge, impressive, health for everyone.
> Background & Info 6-minutes movie here

Best for patients, best for staff. The user-centered is very much appealing.

According to Herzog & de Meuron Architects (project to be completed in collaboration with danish Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects):
«The plan is the marriage of two seemingly contradictory goals: the desire for a large central garden and the necessity for short internal connections. The result is an organic cross shape that permits the interior garden to become a flowing space. A central hall underneath the garden is characterized by four round courtyards. The hospital pulsates from here.»

Hospital director Bente Ourø Rørth: «Herzog & de Meuron have designed a patient-centred hospital – a beautiful, healing and functional building that supports our patients’ recovery in the best possible way. The hospital’s great strength is its highly successful and fundamental fusion of form and function.»

The world of hospitals. Sometimes all these engagements, masterplans and evidence-based strategies take away my breath. Congratulations Denmark and all who are involved.

Maurice Codourey

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