The sexual health testing design clinic

Soho in central London, since 2014. The Dean Street Express clinic. Specialized, designed, completely different. Part of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS.

Welcome to a new world of the upcoming fast track hospitals. Design included. See the how it works 2 minutes video here.
Remark: the design is inspired by the aesthetics and themes of the local area – the Soho nightclub feeling.

To do a reservation, 6 days a week, mostly 8am–7pm
1. Click the button (on the web site, «reserve a timeslot»)
2. Enter your mobile number
3. Choose a time slot
4. We’ll text it to you
5. Show us the message when you arrive

Goal of this satellite clinic: You have no symptoms but you like to get a free and confidential sexual health screening? Then you visit 34 Dean Street.
Service using a UK mobile phone number:
> STI/STD (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, Hepatitis B and C) and instant HIV tests
> Hepatitis B vaccination rapid-accelerated programme
> Most people will get their results within 6 hours, delivered via text message (SMS),
service provided until midnight
> If you need treatment, the SMS shows a link to the 56 Dean Street clinic;
walk-in, full outpatient HIV clinic services
> And there is more:
Dean Street Wellbeing, a series of entertaining, educational and community
engagement events
Dean at home, get a free home testing kit and get the results by SMS or call

Remark: the exceptionality includes a corporate design which is totally different from the NHS, the colours used appeal fresh and strong, tonality is straight and boils sexual health testing down.

What an incredible fast track health concept by the NHS. Coming back to the Dean Street Express. Lets go into the Design, so visitors wont experience the typical hospital ambiance. This surprising, inviting and cool design was made by Penson Londonclaiming they achieved the «future of safe sex».

The iPad registration followed by the entire automated testing process.

The lab. Big window, world’s first on-site Infinity machine, results within six hours.

4 Screening rooms. Each with a different design inspired by Soho shop fronts.

And the the waiting room, a class of its own. The polka dot artwork on the walls consists of hundreds of images of Soho taken by one of the clinic employees.


I think I almost never used so many big pictures in my blog about extraordinary hospitals. I am totally smashed by this avalanche of ideas. And embarassed when I think about the things I know from Swiss hospitals dealing with this somewhat taboo issue in healthcare.

I bow to the NHS and Penson. What a job. What a true disruption, applied design thinking, patient-centered design. What a digital transformation in healthcare. Gosh.

PS. According to the the magazine Curbed, Dean Street Express is a part of the growing league of super cool medical clinics. I’m getting greedy looking at.

Maurice Codourey

2 thoughts on “The sexual health testing design clinic

  1. Maurice

    Thanks for this nice case study
    For me it also relates to a partial mechanization of getting the appointment.
    We are using the mobile phone to get an appointment, very efficient way of doing it.
    I like that I can a time slot via the webpage.

    The next step will probably be reached, when I no longer have to show the text message but just check in showing a barcode that was sent, or entering a code on a keyboard 🙂

    It is a very nice example where a few simple steps can make a big difference in convenience for the client.
    Thanks for Sharing

    Liked by 1 person

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