50 WOW Blogs. Time for a recap. About hospitals who are shapers and builders.

What if in this era of disruption for hospitals, healthcare, digital health, patient-centric designs even theories like Nudge, Participatory Design, Design Thinking… the hospitals of my WOW Hospital Blog and others entered already the next level of evolution.

The collaborative time of shapers and builders. The time to tackle the future with exchange, knowledge share and communities or individuals fuel each other in ideating, (rapid) prototyping, pilot projects and going to market moments.

Looking back to my first 50 blogs around the globe I encountered countless hospital ideas on land, on water, on islands, in the mountains, in the air, in the arctic, in the desert… more than 1800 reads so far and me experienced the instant when you are totally stunned. Overwhelmed to the bone. My deepest respect to the hospital staff I discovered in my research.

WOWhospitalBlog_codourey.rocks_Ranking50 09.17.39

The article about the hospital on the indonesian Flores Island in case you would visit the island of Komodo and being bitten by a Komodo Dragon and looking for the closest hospital available – which causes a deadly infection – took the readers hearts by storm.

I am honored to have reached so many reads since July 2015. To continue that writing journey about hospitals worldwide became a passion. These waves of inspiration influenced my consulting, seminars and speeches about healthcare under the brand codourey.rocks. I am extremly grateful for that.
STATS codoureyrocks WOW Hospital Blog

Back to Ideating. Not only in hospitals but universities, institutions and corporations I participated myriads of brainstormings, ideatings, prototyping workshops. And situations where expectations didn’t meet the outcome. To explore amplification effects for Ideating I started an own research programm under the brand #Reciprocality end of 2017. Almost everything is new about that – a nomadic In-Residence program which travels around the world, doing experiments with students in universities mainly. Creating easy to use «tools» for teams preparing an Ideating process within a Design Thinking strategy. More to follow. Hopefully with healthcare experiments too.

I am thrilled. Healthcare is awesome.
Maurice Codourey

PS. Thanks to Healthinar, imito.io and UNIT X for supporting me on this journey.


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