The drone and the snowcat clinic

Remote and rural healthcare. Emergency healthcare. I was already writing about different solutions, services, innovations from hospitals all over the world. And now this. The Drone Ambulance by argodesign.
argodesign drone ambulance.png

Not only in Switzerland > Swiss Post, the EOC hospital group and Matternet, the delivery of medical supplies for instance between hospitals is already organized and supported by drones.

And here, the Austin-based product design, experience & innovation firm argodesign (from the greek mythology argo and the argonauts) delivers this as per the fastcodesign’s body week initiative. Learn more in the 1 minute+ explainer from Interesting Engineering.
– conceptual solution for ambulances stuck in traffic
– One-person quadcopter drone (Emergency medical technician EMT)
– One patient
– driven by GPS, pilot or both
– remote control possible
– one person could control a fleet of these ambulances
– autopilot or taking over manual controls for challenging takeoffs and landings
– footprint which is the size of a compact car
drone ambulance argodesign 2  drone ambulance argodesign 1

Mark Rolston, founder of argodesign: «It would be nice to see them used this way, rather than another military function or more photography».
Idea: born from a team brainstorming session around how healthcare could become more accessible. From first thoughts about the rise of autonomous vehicles and the first concepts for self-driving ambulances (even when this study from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University via Inverse prooves that this idea still freak 50% of 1028 American adults out). For Switzerland, the mountain emergency healthcare would be obvious and other rural areas of course.

drone ambulance argodesign 3 argodesign drone ambulance 5

About mountain healthcare. What about this snowcat like Canada version of an ARGO Turkey mobile clinic, the Argo Ambulance – have a look at the short explainer video. One patient, a driver and two medical staff. Great idea. Unfortunately no further data available.

Argo Snow Ambulance 1  Argo Snow Ambulance 2

Small mobile healthcare. No doubt a future issue to go the last mile providing health in mountains, deserts, forests, islands, even jungles.

Unstoppable, indispensable, explorative healthcare. Thats where innovation for health is born. Very impressive concepts and prototypes.

Maurice Codourey



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