The Swiss-Kenya Hospital of Hope

About Storytelling. When I developed a narrative strategy in the NPO area lately it was about Heroes and Hope. Like often, impressive inspirations give me a hint to look for related WOW hospitals.

This time my search brought me «back to Switzerland». To Altstätten in the Rhein Valley. October 1999 – the local Stephan Holderegger had a lung transplant and a new lease of life. This personal experience led him to put something almost unthinkable into practice. To build a hospital Kenya.


June 2000. The organization Rhein-Valley Hospital was founded. The original idea: to build a simple and effective rural hospital with 154 beds. After some research the makeable project of day clinic with 12 beds and a childbirth section was born – the Rhein-Valley Hospital in Kasambara-Gilgil (close to Nakuru), part of the Rift-Valley province, 150 kilometers northwest of Nairobi.
The Hospital of Hope for some 50’000 people in poverty at 2000m altitude.

Logo Rhein Valley Hospital  Map Gilgil Kenya

Protocol of Heroes and Hopes
2001: Braking ground.
2004: Hospital is operational.
2007: a 2 hours walk away from the hospital, a 190m groundwater borhole was drilled – clean drinking water for thousands of people.
2008: Political turmoil – a tent city for up to 780 refugees is installed at the hospital which is conducting thousands of treatments
2010: First Kilimanjaro Fundraising Expedition to 5895 m
2011: Operating budget reaches CHF 250,000 per year, fundraising is key to provide 40’000 to 50’000 treatments
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Hospital Director: Ruth Schaefer, Member of the Board too, partner in life with Stephan Holderegger – a true Woman in Healthcare.
team Rhein Valley Hospital

What an impressive story, engagement, development. I learned a lot at congresses and meetings about personally connected stories in the healthcare sector that have led to start-ups or non-profit institutions. The view of 14 years of operation of the Rhein-Valley Hospital is more than extraordinary. The founders and the team of the Rhein-Valley Hospital and the people of Kasambara-Gilgil deserve support and recognition for a better and healthy life. Rural Healthcare is still a great challenge – this team of dedicated people is a symbol of human greatness for me.
Campus Rhein Valley Hospital  consultation kids Rhein Valley Hospital
Rhein Valley Microscope    Ultrasonic Device Rhein Valley Hospital

Pics: Campus, consultation with kids, laboratory the new ultrasound device from 2013.

Well done, everyone at the Rhein-Valley Hospital. My thanks go to all the donators and cooperating partners too. Wish you all the best for your future, you are a true Hospital of Hope. Countless heroes included.

Maurice Codourey


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