the nomad


MC 2019 Walking

Maurice Codourey is based in Switzerland ZRH.
International prototyper, lecturer, speaker. And a digital nomad.
Focal point healthcare.
#Neurocommunications, #Nudge, #DesignThinking

The «COD ROX» prototype modules:
The accumulated knowledge of 25 years as online sessions or on-site training. For company teams or in 1:1 format – learn effective texts systematically or develop projects for behavioural and perception changes in target groups. Or experience and adapt the prototyping process for your own work. In English and German.

Collaborative Research Program: «The #Reciprocality Theory», about amplified #Ideation within the Design Thinking Process, started 2018
> Research Associate: Maria Kromlidou, SKG
> Program Home and coordinator: West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin ZUT, Faculty of Economics, SZZ, prof. Joanna Hernik

Twitter: @codourey


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