the nomad


Maurice Codourey is based in Switzerland ZRH; a true international healthcare expert, lecturer and speaker, a Digital Nomad and CEO of UNIT X
Disciplines: behavioral economics, communications and marketing
Underlying theories: Nudge, Design Thinking or Constructivist Didactics
Collaborative Research Program: «The #Reciprocality Theory», about amplified Ideation within the Design Thinking Process, 2018

My services for hospitals, pharma, healthcare corporations or institutions:
Business Development: Ideation workshops or hackathons
Speaking: at congresses or corporate events

Twitter: @codourey

Via UNIT X cooperations with
ChatBots for Health France; seminars for hospitals to learn about ChatBots
The Neon Project Spain; design and implementation of ChatBots/Healthbots

DNA Digital Nomad Academy (@DNAdigitalnomad) based in Zurich > About Digital Nomads, Corporates and the growing world of Remote Work – workshops and speeches worldwide

UNIT X |xperts on demand > agency for Neurocommunication, Limbic Text, Nudge > visual documentation and collaboration for hospitals via smartphone
KoHub Koh Lanta > digital nomad coworking
Medinside > first online news portal about healthcare in Switzerland
HEALTHINAR > communications consulting and event management
Scaph > Swiss communications & marketing association of public health


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