50 WOW Blogs. Time for a recap. About hospitals who are shapers and builders.

What if in this era of disruption for hospitals, healthcare, digital health, patient-centric designs even theories like Nudge, Participatory Design, Design Thinking… the hospitals of my WOW Hospital Blog and others entered already the next level of evolution. The collaborative time of shapers and builders. The time to tackle the future with exchange, knowledge share […]

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Wasp Bites, hospital in Western Nepal

In my lectures, experiments and researches I go for theories like Nudge, constructivistic Didactics, Design Thinking, viral Marketing, Participatory Design. So the unlogical logic combined with Rapid Prototyping techniques is an important element in the constant development. Scale fast for the later Deep Dive. Some of this I use to scan the world about hospitals […]

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Suriname, Dutch, 100 years Ziekenhuis?

Paramaribo, Suriname. Where?   Its the former Dutch Guiana. In northern South America. Since 1996 there is an official Suriname Tourism Foundation Four times bigger than the Netherlands – 163’820 km2 – Independence from the Netherlands was granted in 1975. Followed by a military regime time until 1991. A history of colonisation, slavery, plantations and […]

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Colour schemes, paintings, Tokyo

The Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo.   While the logo seems to be like a piece of art, the outside looks traditional. But brace for impact with your understanding, opinion or perception of the interior architecture and design of a hospital. There has been a lot of development with the keywords healing architecture, patient-centric design, design […]

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