press, referrers, feedback

October 2017 > Menorc@aldia, Diario Digital – pingback

Aug 2016 > North Star Alliance referred on Twitter to my blog about them «Check out this great blog piece…»

May 2016 > Will speak on the 26th about the applied Nudge theory in healthcare at the strong new SmartHealthCamp Barcamp Conference in Zurich (german) #heapps16

April 2016 > RIM Architects from the US referred via Twitter to my «nice article» about the Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital in Barrow, Alaska

Sep 2015 > The WebMii Page about Bat Galim – referring under Blog to my post about the Sammy Ofer Fortified Underground Emergency Hospital in Bat Galim, Haifa

Sep 2015 > Noticias de Isla de Pascua – referring to my Easter Island post mentioning the Island Hospital

Sep 2015 > The Medical Tourism Daily – referring to my Suriname post mentioning medical tourism

Sep 2015 > Linkedin contact/blog feedback by Craig Beveridge, Founder of BIMC Hospitals Indonesia

Aug 2015 > Sylvie Tanaga Blog – pingback

Aug 2015 > on the 28th the Tristan da Cunha Tourism Direct sent a thankful Facebook feedback

Aug 2015 > on the 24th Everest ER and the Hospital in the Rock Budapest sent a thankful Facebook feedback

Aug 2015 > on the 6th IMPACT Foundation and IMPACT Switzerland – shared my posting about the Lake Clinic at Tonle Sap Cambodia in Facebook

Aug 2015 > DoctorSHARE on Facebook – shared my posting about their indonesian boat hospitals

Aug 2015 > Sanskriti Magazine – pingback for Lifeline Express Hospital Train India

Aug 2015 > – short mention in the only one healthcare news platform of Switzerland

July 2015 > Bairo Pite Clinic in Timor-Leste – pingback from Dr. Dan

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