Beautiful Bumrungrad Bangkok

Hospitals with a Wow. No matter if they are little or big, next to the polar ice or on a exotic island. I am looking for something which shows the often breathtaking side of hospital healthcare. Pure commitment, true engagement, sizzling innovation.

When I started to look around the combination of “hospital and beautiful” it took me to places around the world and then to Bangkok.

Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Take the 7 minutes video tour documentation in the land of smiles.
And the 46 seconds commerical in thai about collaboration of expertise.

Opened 1980 as a 200bed-facility.
A public company traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand; majority by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited, Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited, Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited and the Sophonpanich family.

Over 1.1 million patients per year – more than 520’00 are international patients from 190 countries. A medical tourism record.

The Medical Tourism Association made a survey (PDF) about Bumrungrad International Hospital in 2009:
– 44% referrals by friends
– 52% made an information research by the internet
– 13% are traveling for cosmetic procedures and 75% are arriving with a companion
– 68% of travelers rate the hospital “excellent”
– 76% say no language barrier at all
– 80% feel a more personalized service than in the US, 82% would go for the tell a friend effect, 88% would travel again for medical care

The Bumrungrad International Hospital is doing great. The backbone however is related to 4800 employees, 1200 physicians and dentists, 900 nurses.

And the 580 beds are about Single Deluxe rooms, Premier Atrium Deluxe, and  Premier Royal Suites. Luxury. Beauty. Spacy. Connected to 19 operating theatres.

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The 275 examination suites in the outpatient facilities and  the emergency care are treating 5500 outpatients a day.

With 150 interpreters and a lot of awards they make it clear: medical tourism belongs to the core strategy in this hospital. Yet there is space for the Bumrungrad Hospital Foundation. Health for underprivileged Thais throughout the country.


And lets not forget the two levels of restaurants and shopping areas. Crazy beauty? Simply beautiful? Its hospital healthcare. A world of marketing too. A world where developments almost have no limits. And there are affordable air tickets as well.

Best regards from Zurich, Maurice Codourey


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